The Cazenove Association


In 2005, in anticipation of the acquisition by JPMorgan of the Cazenove Group, a few individuals considered how best to keep alive the family spirit that had always been such a strong constituent of the Cazenove culture. The result was the establishment of The Cazenove Association, whose aim is to provide a means by which former partners, directors, and staff of Cazenove & Co and Cazenove Capital Management Limited and their families, could maintain contact through a formal organisation.

Coinciding with the final acquisition by JPMorgan in January 2010 the Board of JPMorgan Cazenove kindly made an endowment of £1m to the Association to secure its future. Since then, the Association has gone from strength to strength with over 1000 members worldwide.

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Cazenove Charitable Trust


Cazenove Charitable Trust has a policy of providing matched funding or support to charities in which members of the Cazenove Association are actively involved and charities which have a close connection with the firm. In addition, the Trustees wish to support and encourage members of the Association who give their time and effort to charitable activities. Donations to a charity, usually limited to £1,000 per member per annum, will be considered in the form of: matched funding as a result of active fundraising by a member of the Association, or an immediate family member, including for example marathons, sponsored walks, treks and bicycle rides.

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