Events & Newsletters


The most popular points of contact between members are likely to be through social, sporting or cultural events and the Board has appointed an Events and Entertainment Committee (“the committee”) to help organise and oversee the Association’s various activities.

The committee will promote and organise events but it also welcomes worthwhile suggestions that might appeal to other members.

Members are encouraged to organise their own events and to form their own groups, which will be supported by the Association by application to the committee.

Although not guaranteed, the committee, in conjunction with the Finance and Investment Committee, will consider financial support for all events it organises, as well as those organised on behalf of groups by members.

Applications for help and financial support should be submitted in writing to:

The Chairman of the Events and Entertainment Committee
The Cazenove Association
1 London Wall Place
London EC2Y 5AU


by email addressed to:

The Chairman of the Events and Entertainment Committee at

Details of Planned Events and Past Events can be found on drop down boxes on this page.


The Association will circulate newsletters periodically to keep members informed of news and activities. These may be sent by email, or by post for members without an email facility. Therefore, it is important for members to update the Association with any change of personal details, including change of address and email address.

The Association would much appreciate any commentary members have with regard to the Newsletters.