In 2005, in anticipation of the final acquisition by JPMorgan of the Cazenove Group (“the Group”), a number of individuals considered how best to keep alive the family spirit that has always been such a strong constituent of the Cazenove culture, and how to provide a means by which former partners, directors and staff of the Group and Cazenove Capital Management Limited, and their spouses, could maintain contact through a formal organisation. The result was the establishment of The Cazenove Association (“the Association”) and the formation of a Committee, chaired by Bernard Cazenove, to operate it. The late Godfrey Chandler accepted an invitation to be Patron, and Sir John Kemp-Welch agreed to be President. Since the death of Godfrey Chandler in August 2013 the position of Patron has been left vacant.

Coinciding with the final acquisition by JPMorgan in January 2010 the Board of JPMorgan Cazenove, who had kindly ‘housed’ us for 4 years, made an endowment of £1m to the Association. This incredibly generous gesture has guaranteed our future and is reflected in the Finance page. This donation led the Committee to establish the Association as a registered company limited by guarantee and with the Committee replaced by a Board of Directors. Our company registration number is: 07139215

Since its inception the Association’s popularity has more than justified its creation. As well as the UK membership, local branches have been established in New York, Hong Kong and Sydney, the global membership now exceeds 1,000.

In April 2010 we had to vacate JPMorgan Cazenove’s office and we are indebted to the Board of Cazenove Capital Management Limited who kindly provided us with office space and IT support at 1 London Wall Place, London.

Our Aims

Our aims are simple – to provide a means by which friends and colleagues, and their families, can remain in contact through the Association and engage together in social, sporting and cultural activities. To achieve this the Board has appointed an Events and Entertainment Committee to help organise events. Our flagship event is the Annual Lunch held in September at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall in Threadneedle Street, but we would be happy to consider members’ suggestions for other events be they sporting, social or cultural.

Membership and Email

The Membership page holds a complete list of members’ names. For data protection reasons no other personal information is published, although through a facility built into the website members are able to email other members who have agreed to allow such contact. Further details are held on the membership page.

Cazenove Charitable Trust

Cazenove Charitable Trust (“the Trust”) was established and funded by the partners of Cazenove & Co. It continues to operate and is managed by its own trustees. Its administration is now supported by the Association and more detailed information about the Trust, how it operates and how it may support members’ own fund raising enterprises may be found on the Cazenove Charitable Trust page on the main menu.


The welfare of members and their dependants is important to us. Further information can be found on the Welfare page.

Member’s Business Links

We are aware that a number of members, since leaving the Cazenove Group, have established their own businesses. Therefore we have made available a section where members can place a brief description and contact details of the service they offer. However, neither the directors nor the Association in general accept responsibility for any contract or agreement entered into as a result of undertakings made through these services. Further information can be found under Members Business Links on the main menu.