Membership and Email



Membership registration is open to anyone who, regardless of length of service, has worked for Cazenove & Co. or its overseas offices, any of the Cazenove Group of Companies, and anyone who has worked for, or joins, Cazenove Capital Management Limited, or J P Morgan Cazenove. Eligibility is extended to include spouses or long term partners of any eligible member.

The membership subscription is £10 per annum, which can be paid either by cheque or standing order. Members under the age of 70 can secure a Life Membership for a one off payment of £250, or £100 for those of 70 and over.

The Group includes the Overseas Offices and branches that have been established in New York, Hong Kong and Sydney. Details of Overseas Offices can be found under the drop down menu on this page.


Email addresses, where provided by members, are recorded securely.

If you have an email address it is essential you keep the Association updated with any change in order to send and receive emails through this facility; and especially to receive future Association communications that may be circulated where possible by email.

Members who do not have, or have not provided, an email address will continue to receive Association circulations by post.